Greyson Range Extender

Grayson Range Extender

  • The Grayson Range Extender (GRE) will be revolutionary compared to other range extenders in the market
  • Unlike other range extenders which still rely on fossil fuels, the GRE doesn’t require fossil fuels
  • The GRE can be manufactured from readily available materials and isn’t dependent upon critical minerals where access and availability are concerns



Unparalleled Range

The GRE will double the range of any EV

Compact System

About the size of two car batteries and half

Kinetic Energy

A kinetic energy recovery system that recharges the battery with ever motion

The Grayson Range Extender physical proof of concept will be available on February 6, 2022.  It is called SuperGreen and is based around a battery pack with a range extended device. SuperGreen is designed around an 11 in-thick chassis housing the entire propulsion system. A single electric drive motor up front propelled the front tires (with an option for a second motor for the rear drive system), and the GRE enabled battery pack provides the electrical power for the drive motor(s), allowing a top speed of 100 mph. The GRE enabled battery pack is capable of providing 100 kW of continuous power and has a range of 800 – 2000 miles.  

Produced and tested by RCO Engineering